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Fly screens are certainly a protective element for the home and the welfare of those who live in it, especially in summer when a barrier is needed to protect the environment from small intruders such as mosquitoes, flies and spiders.

The aluminium fly screens are the ideal choice for effective and lasting protection thanks to the aluminium frame that is solid, resilient and durable, yet at the same time extremely light. The frame's lightness is a decisive factor in the screen's durability; especially with fly screens with high amounts of handling (doors and French doors); in fact, their lightness makes them easier to manoeuvre and puts very little stress on the screen's or panel's anchorage points, resulting in unbeatable solidity and durability.

Aluminium fly screens ensure a solid frame, strength over time and the profiles' high resistance to wear and tear thanks to high constructive and quality standards, including shielding UV rays.
The systems can be equipped with a housing for the screens to be rolled up when not in use; furthermore, the screen can be rolled both vertically and laterally, allowing for facilitated opening and closing of the aluminium structure. This makes passing through them very simple both from the inside and outside, both for people and pets.
There are many types of aluminium insect screens: sliding, roller, hinged or pleated.

The mesh can also be made of aluminium. The weave is suitable for every frame: it is windproof and resistant to tears (as with pet screen mesh) and resists wear and weathering. It also resists shock and allows for proper ventilation.

Aluminium fly screens should be chosen based on specific factors, such as the building's exposure to the sun and wind. The choice of material can make a real difference in terms of performance and functionality over time.

Each aluminium fly screen is made-to-measure based on the customer's actual needs, indicated in the order through our website's configurator: an extremely simple and effective tool that will guide you in the customisation of your made-to-measure aluminium fly screen. After you place your order, you'll only have to wait a few days until the screen arrives complete with its installation kit. All you'll have to do is quickly and simply install it to enjoy the air and sunlight without the hassles of mosquitoes.

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