NoFlyStore double-shutter hinged fly screens:modular fly screens with two hinged shutters are ideal for large openings


With the arrival of summer and longer and sunnier days, keeping doors and windows open and using balconies and patios to enjoy the air and light is a pleasure that is really hard to give up.
Yet mosquitoes and insects are ready to undermine our homes and our domestic tranquillity, thus it is necessary to install fly screens that guarantee the usability of outdoor spaces and keep those annoying insects out of your home.

Among the different types available, the double-shutter hinged fly screen is perfect for very large French doors which are to be found in high traffic areas.

These screens are like a second French door: they have a rigid frame structure and lack of lower rails, facilitating passage.
Double-shutter hinged fly screens are easy to open and close, even with just one finger, since they do not require a big thrust to open or close.
Double-shutter hinged fly screens can have a spring or magnetic closure to ensure accompanied closing, as is frequently common in doors.

The aluminium profiles ensure high performance, resistance to weathering and in particular to UV rays, and are available with an L-frame (90° hinge opening) or Z-frame (180° hinge opening).

The double-shutter hinged fly screens are also great for arched or scalloped openings, and fit perfectly: NoFlyStore can, in fact, realise shutters that perfectly follow the arch's profile, or in most cases, rectangular shutters with a fixed skylight.

Fly screens can have different types of mesh: aluminium or fibreglass, windproof and pet-screen; all allow air to pass without affecting internal visibility, and completely protect the house from insects thanks to their dense weave.

Each product is made-to-measure, and can be customised according to each person's needs and the specific protection needs of the interiors, taking into account the available space, the presence of pets and the home's particular exposure to wind or the sun.

If you are looking for convenience, manoeuvrability, resistance and durability, the double-shutter hinged fly screens are the ideal solution for any home.

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