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On Noflystore catalogue you will also find the magnetic fly screens, the ideal product for those who are looking for a practical and affordable solution to prevent mosquitoes and other boring insects to enter your space, specially during summer.

Magnetic fly screens can be easily removed without any problem at the beginning of the winter once their principal function (to protect you from mosquitoes and insects during summer) is over, and also in case you prefer to clear the door or the window where they were installed. The functionality of the magnetic fly screens is guaranteed by the fact that they can be easily installed or removed to be cleaned up or stored.

Another advantage of magnetic fly screens is that they can be installed wherever you want: thanks to their small dimensions you don’t need a lot of space to install them.

Noflystore proposes the magnetic fly screen to those who are looking for a product that offers a fair compromise between high quality and affordable fly screens, and to those who need at the same time a product to be easily installed and used.

If you are tired to use invasive and less efficient methods such as insecticides and scented candles to get rid of mosquitoes, you just have to trust our experience and competence, and you will find the kind of fly screen that fits your requirements.

In case you decide to buy a magnetic fly screen, after comparing the prices and the peculiarities of the different products available on our website, Noflystore will offer you all the assistance that will allow you to customize the model you have chosen.

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