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A fly screen is the most effective system of domestic protection against troubles caused by mosquitoes and various insects, even if not all the houses have it yet for several reasons: some people think that fly screens can be awkward, expensive, difficult to be installed. These statements may sometimes be true, but there’s a solution and Noflystore can provide it to you.

We are talking about retractable fly screens that can be removed during winter or, in case of need, you can just roll them on one side to have the visual completely free. In the category of retractable fly screens, we have the roller fly screens and the pleated ones.  

These models have a compact roller box containing the mesh; if you install the fly screen between the window and the roller shutter, the mesh is invisible once rolled up.

The retractable fly screens are ideal for windows and perfect for the French doors, since they can be rolled without any effort into the roller box positioned in width or height, they allow easy passage through the opening to watch outside or go out on the balcony effortlessly. There are affordable models such as roller fly screens, or more functional models such as the pleated ones, which provide also an aesthetic touch to your fly screen. They fit all the windows and can be rolled completely up into their roller box even if you install them outside.

One of the major benefits of retractable fly screens is in their very thin lower rail, and in the compact dimensions of their roller box, which can fit even the non-standard shapes.

 The aluminium profiles can give the final touch making the fly screens almost invisible. After choosing the mesh (Grey Fibreglass mesh, Black Fibreglass mesh or Pleated mesh), your retractable fly screen can be installed in two different ways: vertically, to fit the windows and French doors, or sideways, to follow the sliding  of the window panels.

In addition, the aluminium frames are suitable to be exposed to all weather conditions, and the double rail allows you to easily put again the mesh in place without needing to call the technicians or spend your time and your money.

 Thanks to its cord or handle, the retractable fly screens can be easily pulled backwards when their presence is required again. Light and strong, able to protect from allergens thanks to the anti pollen technology of our special anti-pollen mesh, the retractable fly screens are also easy to be cleaned and maintained: the spring system facilitates traction, while magnets guarantee a fast and hermetic sealing.

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