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NoFlyStore lets you decide what measurements you will send upon configuring your fly screen; you can give the CLEAR DIMENSION, i.e. the measurements of the opening in which your fly screen will be installed, or the ORDERING SIZE, i.e. the exact measurement of your fly screen. When choosing, you will simply have to indicate, in the table regarding the measurements of your fly screen, which of the two measurements (CLEAR DIMENSION or ORDERING SIZE) you have opted for. In this regard, we would like to underline that, should you give us the CLEAR DIMENSION, we will carry out the required calculations, on the basis of the model you have selected, to establish the exact measurements of your fly screen; on the other hand, should you opt for sending us the ORDERING SIZE, no additional tolerance will be added, so the size of the fly screen will be the precise one you have indicated.


Carefully measure the inner distance from one jamb of the opening to the other, the upper and lower width, the height on the right and on the left; remember that all measurements must be carried out looking at the opening from the inside, that is you will be inside the room, and that all measurements must always be given in millimetres. At this stage please check carefully whether the opening where the screen is to be installed is perfectly symmetrical or not, and make sure you let us know any differences noticed with reference to widths or heights. If you feel that it may be of help, view our tutorial video on how to measure which you will find below. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service in one of the various ways which NoFlyStore makes available to you.


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