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During the summer season, our home's doors and windows should all have fly screens to keep away mosquitoes and insects; since each door and window has different features and is used differently, it is necessary to install different types of fly screens with features that are best-suited for each location.
There are many different types of fly screens available in the catalogue: it can be useful to carefully study the most appropriate type based on your needs and the type of doors and windows installed in your home.
The specific features and differences of various types of fly screens are illustrated below, with particular reference to their use.

Roller fly screens

Roller fly screens are the absolute best in adapting to the most varied situations. Thanks to their incredible versatility, they are becoming the ideal and affordable solution, especially considering that they can be hidden well or shown as part of a home's furnishings, adapting to the home's style. They have got a spring system that can be installed horizontally or vertically in any type of window or door.

Pleated fly screens

Pleated fly screens for doors or windows are currently the most requested model, both for their aesthetic beauty created by the pleated mesh (grey or black) that gives the screens an "oriental" touch, and for the practicality and functionality that these fly screens offer in their daily use.
On our website you can find both models with thin lower rails (the rail of the PLATINUM.01 is less than 3 mm), and also very thin models that adapt to virtually any type of installation.

Hinged fly screens

Hinged fly screens are perfect for parts high traffic areas of your house: they have got one or two shutters that make opening and closing very convenient, and avoid having to open the fly screen continuously, putting it under stress that could compromise its functionality over time. A special opening for pets can be included that allow them to enter and exit without having to open the fly screen; the fly screen can also have a spring hinge system that allows the door to close autonomously without requiring your intervention every time.

Panel fly screens

Panel fly screens can be either fixed or sliding. Sliding fly screens are made up of a variable number of elements which, sliding one above the other, allow them to be opened both laterally and vertically. Sliding panel insect screens are the ideal choice for windows of various sizes thanks to their modularity.
For those doors and windows that are almost never opened or have a particular shape, such as portholes or skylights, the ideal choice is a fixed panel fly screen that can be installed traditionally or with a magnetic profile by transforming the screen into a magnetic one.

Low rail fly screens

Low rail fly screens have got a lower bottom rail than the other models, with a thickness of about 3/4 mm. This solution is particularly suited to high traffic doors or French doors; thanks to their compact dimensions, they facilitate the passage of strollers and wheelchairs and lower the risk of tripping.

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